How to Order

Books can be ordered on this website directly from the publisher. You can order single copies of the book or request a standing order to the annual editions of the book. Please provide the required number of copies and indicate whether faster delivery is desired.

If you wish to have a standing order to this product set up for you, please indicate this in the order form, along with an optional duration for the order.  If no duration is indicated, you will automatically receive each new edition.  Your standing order can be cancelled at any time.

You will receive an invoice along with the book; advanced payment is not required.  A confirmation of your order  will be sent by e-mail.

About one month before a new edition of the book is published, an e-mail will be sent to customers that are registered for a standing order to the annual updates requesting them to confirm the details of their standing order. After confirmation, the new edition will be dispatched upon publication.

Books may be returned to the publisher within fourteen days from receipt of the order without stating reasons. The client must take care that the returned books are wrapped properly and pay for return shipment.  After safe receipt of the books, the publisher will issue a credit for the order.

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