Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about payment options

How should I pay?
Payment should normally be made during the ordering process. Payment shall be made in Euro. Several methods of payment are available. Once payment has been confirmed, your order will be processed and the ordered books will be despatched. 

Questions about subscriptions

What is the difference between a subscription copy of the book and a regular copy?
There is no difference in price or content. A subscription merely makes it easier for you, because you do not have to remember to order the book again each year.

When does a subscription start and when does it end?
By default, your subscription will start when you enter your order on our website. The current edition will be sent to you within the standard delivery time. A short time before the date of publication of the next edition we will send you an e-mail requesting you to confirm the subscription and the address details. The order will be despatched immediately upon publication of the new edition of the book.

It is possible to indicate the end date of the subscription on the website. To do so, please indicate the last day of the year for which you want to receive the last subscription copy. For example, if you start the subscription with the 22nd edition and the last subscription to be received is the 23rd edition, please indicate 31 December 2015 as the End date of the subscription and copies of the 22nd and 23rd edition will be sent. If no End date is indicated, the subscription will run until cancelled.

A subscription may be cancelled up to one month before publication of the edition not to be sent anymore. Future editions will then no longer be sent. Editions that have already been sent should always be paid for.

General questions

Do you give discounts?
We give an automatic quantity discount of 5% for orders of 5 or more books to be sent to one address.

Do you give a bookseller's discount?
We are sorry that there is no booksellers discount, because distribution via booksellers has no additional advantages for us, as a small publisher. However, there is a quantity discount.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
In general, orders will be despatched within one week from  receipt of the order, provided the book is in stock. Delivery in Europe takes about three days. Faster delivery is possible at a surcharge, you can indicate so when ordering. We try to despatch such orders on the day of receipt of the order; within Europe delivery usually takes two days or less, depending on the delivery address.

What delivery address should I give?
We prefer to have a business address for delivery of the order because of the delivery problems at private homes due to absence. When giving a business address, do state both your name and the name of the business! If the business does not pay the invoice, you can use your private address for the invoice.

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