The Annotated EPC, 24th edition


Title: The Annotated European Patent Convention
Edition: 24th
Author: Derk Visser,
ISBN: 978-90-78310-14-3
Total pages: 950
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The 24th edition, updated till 15 November 2016, was published on 6 December 2016.

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Product information

About the book

The book The Annotated European Patent Convention is a commentary on the European Patent Convention and a bestseller in European patent law. It is published in English only. It is available in paperback form. Each year a new, updated edition of the book will be published. Details about the publication date, availability and ordering can be found under ‘Ordering’.

About the content

The twenty-fourth edition of The Annotated European Patent Convention gives the complete text of the European Patent Convention 2000 and its implementing regulations. The notes provide a commentary on the text of the law and explain the interpretation of each paragraph of the law. The notes relate to the text of the EPC 2000 and are updated till 15 November 2016. Announced amendments of the law that enter into force after 15 November 2016 have also been included.

The new edition includes the amendments in the latest edition of the Guidelines, the November 2016 edition. The new edition covers a new decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal, the changed PACE program for accelerating the prosecution, handling of enquiries about the file, and the revised system for refund of the examination fee.

Cross-references in the notes to articles and rules aim at giving an insight into the structure of the Convention. The provisions also contain references to the EPC 1973 to facilitate comparison of the old and new law. Numerous references to case law and the Guidelines allow the user to consult the source of the information contained in the notes and give a quick access to important case law. Transitional provisions from the EPC 1973 to the EPC 2000 are given where still relevant.

The book also contains a chapter on PCT, which gives an overview of the PCT procedure as in force on 15 November 2016, including the relations with the EPC. Announced amendments entering into force after 15 November 2016 are indicated. The closing sections of the book consist of  a Case Law Table, an Index, and summaries of articles and rules of various law texts, intended for obtaining a quick grasp of essential elements of these laws.

Since changes in the law and its interpretation are marked in each edition, the book has proven to be a much used tool for keeping up to date with developments of the European Patent Convention.

Who is it for?

The Annotated European Patent Convention is intended as a reference book for both the practitioner and the trainee. It provides a quick grasp of the essentials of the law both for the practitioner and the trainee. The detail in the notes reflects the detail required to answer questions posed in the European Qualifying Examinations of the last few years. Note, that the full text of the Arrangement for Deposit Accounts and the Arrangements for the Automatic Debiting procedure are not included. The regular updates and the profundity make the book an indispensable reference for the practitioner.

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